Elementary Hi Friends 1 Boardgame

This is a really simple boardgame to use with elementary 5th grade students. It was made to review the language in Hi Friends 1, including: How are you? How's the weather? How many?
What (sports) do you like? What's this? What do you study? In small groups (6-8 students), students pair up. Each pair takes a turn to roll a dice and move that number of spaces. If they land on a question space, one person in the pair asks his/her partner the question and the other answers. If they land on the 'How many?', 'What ______ do you like?' or 'What's this?' spaces, the person asking takes a card from the corresponding deck to ask the question. (With strong enough classes, you could skip the cards having students come up with their own questions. That would cut down on the prep time for the game.) If the pair lands on an airplane, they get to parachute down to the question space. If the land on a cloud with a UFO above it, they beam up to a question space. The first to reach the end wins. In the What ~ do you like? set of cards, one of the cards has famous characters on it, so this may need to be substituted for something else or left out.