Hedbanz Cards

These are 45 printable and editable Hedbanz(R) cards. This game provides a lot of fun while allowing kids to practise question forms.For this game you will also need headbands, some chips and probably a timer. Hedbanz rules (or go here: http://media.spinmastergames.com/pdfs/Hedbanz_Rules.pdf)  Put on a headband. Give out three chips to each player. Grab a card from the pile. Put the card on your headband  and don't look at the card. The youngest player goes first. Then, play passes to the left. Flip over the timer and ask other players questions about your card. You can use any question except, "What am I? " If you guess the picture before the timer runs out, take another card. Continue asking questions until the timer runs out. For each picture you guess correctly, put one of your chips in the bank. At any point during your turn, you can give up trying to guess. If you do, you must collect one chip from the bank.