Water Use: Use It Wisely!

This is a quizz-game that teaches some facts about water use and how to save it.You can incorporate it in an environmental project for your students. 1) Print the game on both sides of a sheet of paper, so when you cut it out the answers will be on the back of the questions. 2) Give each student one card with a question.They should hold they cards covering the back side with their hand, so the answers won't be visible to others. 3) Students ask each other questions. If the person asked can't answer, he or she moves to the next person. If he/she can answer, then he/she exchanges the cards with the asking student and move to the next person. 4) As a result, all students are supposed to learn and memorize the right answers. You can later collect all the cards, divide students in several groups and ask questions yourself. The group which answers the most questions wins. Have fun!:)